The Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India, as part of the Environment Protection Act of India, has formulated the E-waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011 (E-waste Rules) to deal with the problem of E-waste. These rules have come into effect on 1st May 2012 and will apply to every producer, consumer or bulk consumer involved in the manufacture, sale, purchase and processing of electrical and electronic equipment or components.

  • The term electrical and electronic equipment covered under E-waste Rules includes information Technology and Telecommunication equipment and consumer electricals and electronics.

  • The objectives of the E-waste Rules is to put in place an effective mechanism to regulate generation, collection, storage, transport, import, export, recycling, treatment and disposal of E-waste.

  • The rule defines ‘environmentally sound management of E-waste’ as “taking all steps required to ensure that E-wastes are managed in a manner which shall protect health and environment against any adverse affects which may result from hazardous substances contained in such wastes”.

  • E-waste rules ensure that each and every one involved in the generation of E-waste i.e manufacturers, producers, dealers, retailers, bulk consumers, consumers, collection centers and agents, dismantlers, recyclers, etc., contribute to the objective of environmentally sound recycling treatment and disposal of E-waste.